DEC 25

3. Benefits of Social Media for Business

Social Media doesn’t mean being social. It exists effective ways to reach your respective customers, grow your brand, and gain valuable insights. An entrepreneur can use Social Media Services to get its exclusive benefits. Nowadays, Social Media Strategy is on-trend because every other person is using social platforms for different purposes.
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DEC 30

Virtual reality & its contribution to society

Virtual reality is another step further in technology. It is basically the generation of the simulated environment with the help of computer technology and its graphics. Well, the graphics and computer technology have existed for ages now but there is nothing like virtual reality. It allows you to feel everything like it is the real world. So if you are playing a game involving cars, you would feel like you are in a real car itself. You will feel like you are driving it and adrenaline will be felt just like you would feel it the reality. But how is virtual reality contributing to the entire nation? How is it delivering what it is trying to promise to society? Here are a few major contributions of this technology to the community.
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JAN 04

What is Flutter used for?

Flutter can be described as a platform that is used so that you can make applications for different platforms. There are some apps that are restricted just to the Android operating system and there are some other apps that are restricted just to the iPhone operating system. There are rarely any apps for the Windows operating system but it exists, it doesn't work for the other two platforms. Flutter is going to help you out in this regard as it makes the apps work in all the platforms.
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