What is Flutter used for?

DEC 30

Flutter can be described as a platform that is used so that you can make applications for different platforms. There are some apps that are restricted just to the Android operating system and there are some other apps that are restricted just to the iPhone operating system. There are rarely any apps for the Windows operating system but it exists, it doesn't work for the other two platforms. Flutter is going to help you out in this regard as it makes the apps work in all the platforms.

Flutter is well known to design the user interface. It doesn't just create an ordinary user interface but a very intelligent one rather. Flutter has its own way of designing the views that may differ from the other platforms. But most of it can be compared with that of other web applications out there which are used on a consistent basis. The use of HTML and CSS will always exist. It doesn't change the rule of thumb in any manner. You need to know how to go forward with computer programming and only then can you use Flutter as a mean of designing the apps.

Easy and fast

This is one of the biggest advantages you will get with Flutter. It is obviously very easy to use and very fast in its operations as well. This is something which you want from other application developers too but you don't get the same results. With Flutter, it is not the same case. The process has become rather meatier in Flutter. You don't have to follow too many rules in order to reach a final result. You can make up for all of it with the help of this app in one way or the other. The creation of apps is rather more subtle and unique.

UI components

With the help of Flutter, you get some really awesome user interface components that you should be using for sure. There are two sets of widgets that are available there. One set of widgets belongs to the Android platform while the other set of widgets belongs to the iPhone platform. The widgets can be implemented on any given platform so there is no real restriction here. You can use Android platform widgets for the iPhone platform and vice versa. This user interface is what makes it diligent and something that you should be definitely looking to use.

Different themes

The themes differ for both the platforms. The color is different and so are various dimensions and the styles. The themes can be used every now and then and each team is a refreshing change. Flutter has worked hard to provide great web design and has succeeded in the attempt quite clearly.

So in case you are using an iPhone and still craving for an Android application, you should be looking to use Flutter. It will bail you out in this regard. Some apps provide the features that you want and they belong to some other platform but you don't have to worry anymore!